The Justin Duke Project is the brain child and musical outlet of singer, songwriter, and part-time producer Justin Duke. Justin released his first solo EP, Broken Promises, in 2012 which blends the melodic influence of The Beatles, the lyrical introspection of Pearl Jam & Eddie Vedder, with a bit of rhythmic and industrial rock ala Foo Fighters and NIN.

“When I released it [Broken Promises EP] I was in a really angry place,” Duke says. “I was questioning my beliefs. I was reflecting on my past relationships. Eventually, ‘Broken Promises’ just spilled out of me. I actually wrote the lyrics while sitting in church,” he laughs. “Looking back, it was actually the start of a long journey of growth. Which, honestly, is still going on today.”

The multi-talented Duke has since released 3 more EPs and is currently working on more music to release in the future. He is experimenting with many different sounds and genres to express himself. “I really just want to make a bunch of noise that means something to me. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but it does to me. I hope you dig it.”

You can find the Broken Promises EP, as well as the rest of The Justin Duke Project’s catalog anywhere you stream music or at thejustindukeproject.com.